Arturo Carmona Calls On AFL-CIO’s President Richard Trumka to Affirm His Commitment to the Rights of Immigrant Workers

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Los Angeles, CA – Candidate for California’s 34th Congressional district, Arturo Carmona issued the following statement regarding AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka appearing to reverse Labor’s recent commitment to uniting native born and foreign born workers:

“While AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka signals a “change in tone” regarding Trump, our community is currently facing increased fear of deportation and raids. Just a few days ago, we saw the family of Romulo Avelica ripped apart by Trump’s anti-immigrant policies, just blocks away from our campaign headquarters in Highland Park, CA.

“It was a long and difficult road to bring together immigrant and labor leaders, many of whom had been at odds on federal and local immigration policy for years. I remember attending the Tigres del Norte Immigrant Rights Concert in Los Angeles co-organized by immigrant and labor groups. It was the first major public display of unity between labor and immigrant rights communities in recent memory. We must not forget these moments of unity.”

“Now is not the time to move backwards. We need to reform our horrible trade policies and rebuild the middle class, but we must never return to pitting any group of workers against another. Immigrant or U.S.-born. Latino or White.

“We faced mass deportations under President Obama. Now we face an extremist, anti-immigrant President, leading ICE agents into our communities, sowing fear and chaos. If we didn’t accept this from President Obama, why would we accept it from an overtly hostile and racist President Trump?”


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