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The election here in CA-34 (Central, Northern Los Angeles) is a metaphor for the future of the Democratic Party. We have a former top Bernie Sanders staffer, with 97% of his funding coming from small-dollar individual contributions, battling it out with an establishment candidate hand-picked and endorsed by the State Party. On top of that, there are 23 declared candidates in the race- so in a low-turnout, off-year scenario like this one, every single vote counts. Thankfully, we have the strength of a nationwide progressive movement on our side. What you are doing from outside the district is immensely valuable, and can continue the political revolution beyond the 2016 primary.

Logging into the Phone Bank

Logging into our PDI phone bank is very simple. The only things you will need are:

  • A computer/tablet with internet access
  • A working phone (landline or cell, does not matter)
  • An email address

First, follow the link to our Phone Bank here.

After clicking the link, you’ll see a screen saying “Arturo Carmona for Congress- Phone Bank Login”. Below the “email address” field and Login button, there will be a link saying “Click here to register”. Click on that link​.

Once you’ve clicked on the link, it will take you to a registration page. You need only enter the fields that have an asterisk (*) next to the title- First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and Zip Code. Make sure to remember which email address you use, because this will become your login ID/username.

After entering all of the required fields, click “Save”. Once you click Save, then you will be returned to the initial Login page. Enter the Email Address that you chose, and click LOG IN.

You are now ready to get started!

Coding Your Responses

The first things you should see are the name of a voter, and their contact phone number. Below, on the left hand side, is a pre-written script that you can use as a guide to structure your conversation. (More detail on that later.)

On the right hand side are the Response Codes. ​These are how you would log whether or not the voter is a supporter of Arturo’s; undecided; or supporting another candidate. If the voter named on the top of the screen is not available, there is no answer, or they request to be taken off the list (“Refused”), click the link all the way on the bottom of the page that says Add Information​. There you will find the results to
code these responses properly.

Once you have entered whether a voter was a supporter of Arturo’s or not (or marked that they were not home/it was a wrong number), you can save the response and move onto the next voter by clicking “Done”, and then the green button saying “Save Response”.

Remember- it’s OK if not every call ends with the voter being a converted supporter! We are making these calls to build name recognition. It’s perfectly alright to give someone the website, urge them to do their research, and move on.

Having Good Conversations

Like we said, not every person on this list is going to even be aware of Arturo Carmona. Actually,a good majority of them will not even know there is an election coming up. That’s OK and it’s why we are calling.

A major point of confusion for a lot of folks, and something we will need to be very clear about, is that we are not calling about the March 7th Municipal Elections. ​The Congressional Special election will take place on April 4th, 2017, with the runoff election taking place on June 6th. ​(The top two vote-getters from April 4th will square off again in June, regardless of party affiliation.)

It’s important to stress to voters that we are calling about a separate election entirely. March 7th’s election will include the Mayor, City Council, School Board, and other City and County-Wide races, but will NOT feature any of the candidates for the 34th Congressional District.

Once that is cleared up, you can feel free to follow the script provided on the screen. The script is a helpful guideline and provides good talking points, but is used most effectively as a structure. Feel free to improvise where you see fit, but following the structure of the “asks” will prove to be helpful. For example, you should certainly ask if people are even aware of the April 4th election before you ask for their support for Arturo Carmona.

So far, what has proven to be extremely effective with this list, and what distinguishes Arturo the most from the other candidates, is our affiliation with the Bernie Sanders movement. For that reason, we bolded a certain segment of the script-

“Were you a supporter of Bernie Sanders in the Primary in 2016?”

If the voter answers yes-let them know Arturo Carmona is the candidate for them! We’ve seen incredible initial results when we make this connection. No one else in this race can claim to have been Bernie’s Director of Latino Outreach (later promoted to Deputy National Political Director- an even heftier title). Once folks understand that we have the chance to send a Berniecrat to Congress, the support should follow.

Not everyone on the list will be a Bernie supporter, unfortunately. But thankfully, Arturo has decades of community organizing and Latino/Immigrant advocacy experience to fall back upon. Don’t give up just because someone wasn’t Feeling the Bern- Arturo would still be the best candidate for the District without his Bernie experience.

Our major struggle is simple- awareness. Make sure you mention the date of April 4th, as well as Arturo Carmona’s name, as many times as you can. We want it to stick in people’s heads- repetition is key.

With all that being said, if you are making these calls now, you likely made hundreds of them for Bernie Sanders during the primary- so you know the drill! Reach out to the campaign directly if you have any questions or technical difficulties and we will be sure to follow up with you as soon as we can.

Happy Calling! And again, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for volunteering. Having Arturo in Congress will mark a dramatic achievement not just for the people of Los Angeles, but for the progressive movement as a whole.

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