Letter of Objection to Endorsement Meeting

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On behalf of the candidates listed below, we call on the Democratic Party to clarify and investigate a disturbing sequence of events, which took place at a special Caucus meeting on Sunday, February 5, 2017 and led to the endorsement of one current elected official.

We, the candidates listed were first notified of this endorsement meeting between January 27th and January 30th. In various email exchanges, some candidates were told the endorsement registration was not yet available because of final details such as the delegate lists being “updated.” Some were asked to hold off on purchasing the delegate list before receiving registration forms, while others were asked for immediate payment. Most of us received the list of delegates on Friday, February 3rd, less than 48 hours before the Caucus meeting was to take place. We ask for an explanation as to why there was a delay in providing a list of delegates that are in the final months of serving a two-year term.

Furthermore, of the 58 total votes counted, 57 votes were cast by people not present. We ask for clarification as to when the Vote By Mail (VBM) ballots were received and when the delegates were notified of this meeting. It was our experience in speaking with several delegates – only up to 36 hours prior to the meeting, that many of them had submitted their ballots long before we the candidates were notified of the endorsement meeting taking place. The timeline and sequence of events demonstrates limited information being provided to some candidates, this information also not being provided in a timely manner, and an opportunity to connect with delegates stolen from the vying candidates.

We also ask why one of the votes cast by a candidate, Sara Hernandez, who is a serving delegate was not counted in the roll call.

Given the lack of consistent information, the hurriedness of conducting this meeting, and the delegate information being provided within an unrealistic timeline, we ask for a full refund of the $350 fee to each campaign. We paid for an opportunity to win over an endorsement and were denied timely access to a critical tool, the list of delegates, and not provided the support and information to fairly compete.


Arturo Carmona
Vanessa Aramayo
Maria Cabildo
Wendy Carrillo
Ricardo “Ricky” De La Fuente
Sara Hernandez
Raymond Meza
Michelle “Hope” Walker

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