Joe Bray-Ali for City Council and Arturo Carmona for Congress Announce Joint Endorsement

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Los Angeles, CA – This spring, Angelenos have the opportunity to elect progressive representation in City Hall and Congress. The upcoming City General Election will be held on May 16, 2017, however voters in Council District 1 will cast their ballot April 4th in a special primary election in California’s 34th Congressional District. Two dynamic candidates with energetic campaigns issued a joint endorsement today, Joe Bray-Ali and Arturo Carmona.

Joe Bray-Ali made the announcement in a Facebook LiveStream while visiting the Carmona for Congress campaign office in Highland Park, where Joe filled out his vote-by-mail ballot in support of Arturo. Together, Joe Bray-Ali and Arturo Carmona will build a coalition to address issues of housing, immigration, and environmental protection in Los Angeles across both the city and federal governments.

Joe Bray-Ali is the only challenger in the city to reach the May 16th runoff election against an established incumbent. His grassroots campaign has been built on a platform of basic city services and a responsive council office. To date, he has received the support of the LA League of Conservation Voters, the East Area Progressive Democrats, and the endorsement of the Los Angeles Times. In the March primary election, a majority voted for change in representation in Council District 1.

Arturo Carmona, Candidate for Congress in CA-34 said, “I’m excited to build a solid partnership to guide our communities towards an equitable future and develop a visionary agenda that will inspire people to participate in the democratic process. This is more than just an election; it is a commitment to bring the changes our constituents need. Joe and I both share a deep commitment to protecting our environment and open space, in addition to providing real economic solutions to working families in Los Angeles.”

Joe Bray-Ali, Candidate for Los Angeles City Council, City Council District-1 said, “I believe Arturo is the right choice in this election. This is about making our district a better place. I believe it’s time we build a base of power representing the legitimate interest of the people instead of the outside interests of corporate polluters and millionaire developers. Arturo is the leader we need in this district to provide federal support on fair and equitable housing, immigration reform, and healthcare for working families. Our district needs new progressive leadership to solve the problems ahead.”


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