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Racial Justice and Civil Rights

“When people say ‘Black Lives Matter,’ it’s a statement for equality and not separation. I will be a strong voice in Washington, D.C. for educating people on that important distinction.”
– Arturo Carmona

We must affirm the value and lives of people of color by stating loudly and proudly that black lives matter. In Congress, this means working with the Black Lives Matter movement to implement various institutional reforms, including closing the wealth gap, which continues to devastate black, brown and Asian/Pacific Islander communities. That will happen by making concerted efforts to advance capital investments in urban and rural regions, massively reforming our criminal justice system, fighting for climate justice (which is disproportionally affecting black and brown communities), establishing stronger workplace rights and stopping the concerted efforts to gut the Voting Rights Act.

Our work is cut out for us, and we must always remember that issues of racial justice are intersectional and directly linked to issues of economic and environmental justice, immigration and women’s rights. We cannot understand one without the other.

Arturo’s focus in Congress will be to:

  • End the school-to-prison pipeline by reforming school disciplinary processes;
  • Ensure greater funding for our schools to address the lack of opportunity.
  • Support and expand programs that recruit, train and support greater diversity in our teacher workforce.
  • Support greater funding for the development and implementation of community policing initiatives
  • Support programs that recruit, train and support greater diversity in our police forces
  • Support the federal government in collecting data from stat and local governments on all police shootings and deaths in police custody. This data should be published publicly so community organizations can utilize it to better address community safety issues.
  • End federal government support for the greater militarization of our local police forces.

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