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Immigration Reform

“I am the son of immigrant parents and have advocated for my community my entire life. I will oppose any reactionary policy on immigration proposed by Congress or the Trump administration and work tirelessly for a progressive, humane immigration policy.”
– Arturo Carmona

The ability of anti-immigration proponents to move conservatives to the far right has succeeded in shifting the conversation from sensible and humane immigration reform to talk of border triggers, drones and mass deportations. This is a serious public policy and social problem. Instead of moving forward, keeping families together, and resolving our deeply broken immigration laws, Trump is threatening to round up and deport millions of our friends, families, and neighbors.

Many of these threats are not new, so we must continue and intensify our fight for humane immigration policy reforms which include a swift pathway to citizenship. We must challenge all efforts meant to criminalize immigrants and their families. Now more than ever, we must focus on dismantling the current inhumane deportation system and ensure due process for all.

In Congress, Arturo will fight for progressive immigration reform by:

  • Leading the fight for humane immigration reform, providing swift legalization, fixing our vastly complicated immigration system, eliminating predatory provisions and bans, and limiting unnecessary and wasteful enforcement and militarization provisions.
  • Strongly enforcing the regulation of workers’ rights, such as the rights to minimum wage, work place safety and health care coverage regardless of immigration status.
  • Fighting for a permanent implementation of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and making the policy the first step to a path to citizenship.
  • Making it illegal for colleges and universities to discriminate against undocumented people when dispersing college scholarships, grants and loans.

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