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Climate Justice

“Climate change is without a doubt the greatest threat facing our planet. The best way to combat climate change is by putting climate justice at the center of any policy debate.”
– Arturo Carmona

This year, our planet recorded its hottest temperatures on record for the third year in the row. The truth is that we simply cannot afford to take small steps to address climate change. Combating climate change means nothing short of a fundamental shift in the way we generate our energy.

As the nation with the second-highest energy consumption rate in the world, we must look to states that have already implemented progressive sustainability policies like California and New York. Those two states have established the world’s most progressive clean energy goals. This includes a transition from fossil fuels to an aggressive investment in clean, renewable energy, especially on how to power their energy grid. That not only helps advance sustainability but also protects the communities most impacted by pollution. In other words, it’s a sustainability and environmental justice revolution.

At the same time, we need to ensure that our advancement toward a cleaner economy is a transparent and just transition. As we hold corporations accountable, we must also create jobs and sustainable development in communities that are most often left behind: working-class families, people of color, and fossil fuel industry workers. It is neither fair nor moral to tell an oil worker in Kern County that we are doing away with their job without providing retraining options.

In Congress, Arturo will work tirelessly to put into place urgently needed sustainable public policies on a federal level:

  • Create an aggressive carbon tax system that rewards industries for green innovation and punishes corporations that pollute – especially in neighborhoods most affected by their practices.
  • Establish federal grants and incentive programs for local communities to decrease their carbon footprint.
  • Strengthen federal laws making it easier for communities and individuals to hold accountable the industries whose pollution causes public health emergencies.
  • Increase investment in sustainable energy generation such as rooftop solar and wind power.
  • Mandate solar panels, LED lighting, and state-of-the-art HVAC/weatherization for any new or redeveloped buildings or developments.
  • Position the United States to lead the international community in addressing global climate issues.
  • Support the expansion of good-paying clean-energy jobs for American workers by starting federally funded sustainable job training programs.
  • Work to provide federal grants to our California universities and community colleges to strengthen curricula and training related to the sustainable economy.
  • Work to create Biotech & Sustainability Institutes at Cal State Los Angeles.

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