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Campaign Finance

“I pledge not to accept political contributions from corporate special interests, their executives and the billionaire class.”
– Arturo Carmona

The single most important issue hovering over our political system like a toxic cloud is how we finance campaigns in the United States. Billions of dollars are spent on our elections. Simply put: our campaign finance system is broken.

We can’t allow the billionaire class and wealthy special interests to continue to control our governmental and political system. To return power to the people, we must pursue comprehensive campaign finance reform and an end to the era of Citizens United.

Arturo will fight alongside Senator Sanders and other congressional leaders for passage of the Sanders-Deutch amendment to overturn Citizens United.

Arturo supports a federal system of public financing for presidential, senatorial, congressional, and state and local campaigns.

We need to combat the weakening of a government for the people and by the people by reforming our campaign finance system. Arturo will:

  • Fight to overturn Citizens United.
  • Fight for the passage of a constitutional amendment that will restore the power of Congress and states to regulate campaign donations and expenditures in elections.
  • Fight for the creation of a fully publicly financed federal election system.
  • Fight for full disclosure of all campaign contributions.
  • Restore the Voting Rights Act.
  • End voter suppression through restrictive voter ID laws.

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