Throughout his career, Arturo Carmona has worked tirelessly for the people of California and in particular, the residents of CA-34, his home district. Nearly twelve years ago, Arturo co-founded COFEM, the Council of Mexican Federations, a bi-national organization which has become one of the region’s most important and effective immigrant civic engagement and humanitarian groups.

Through his years leading COFEM and later as the Executive Director of, Arturo has built deep partnerships and relationships with broad numbers of grassroots Latino and immigrant leaders. Beyond implementing organizational and nonprofit infrastructure, Arturo has built coalitions and played a lead role in some of the most important immigrant rights battles in recent history.

As the April 4th election in the 34th Congressional District nears, federation leaders, past board members and staff, as well as the current Executive Director of COFEM have released a statement of support and endorsement for Arturo’s candidacy:

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Roberto Bravo, Presidente Federación Consejo Binacional de Organizaciones Comunitarias
Odilia Romero, Frente Indígena Oaxaqueño Binacional (FIOB)
Lourdez Juarez, UPEXT- Unión De Poblanos En El Exterior
Francisco Moreno, Federación de Michoacán
Jose Loria, Centro Cultural Eek Mayab
Salvador Garcia, Federacion Jalisciense
Alfredo Gómez, Federación Poblana
Jose Angel Barajas Barajas, Attorney, Federación Sinaloense
Gabriel Cruz, Centro Cultural Oaxaca- Asociación Oaxaqueña de Negocios
Edgar Ruiz, Centro Cultural Oaxaca
Triny Ruiz, Centro Cultural Oaxaca
Karla Ruiz, Centro Cultural Oaxaca
Zeus Garcia, Oaxaqueño-Zapoteco Basketball
Jorge Ortiz, Presidente FDC Zacatecanos del Sur
Imelda Beltran, Federación Zacatecanos
Libier Jimenez, Presidenta Club Queila y Mujeres Extraordinarias
Guadalupe Gomez, Board Member, Federación de Zacatecas
Rafael Murillo, Presidente Federación Sonora
Alfredo Gomez, Fundacion Puebla USA
Roman Sanchez, Federación Guerrerense en Los Ángeles
Lupita Ramirez, Federación Ciudad de México

Roberto Bravo (Boyle Heights), President of Federación Consejo Binacional de Organizaciones Comunitarias (Binational Council of Community Organizations) said:

“Arturo is an extension of our community and I stand in full solidarity with him and his campaign for congress in Los Angeles’ 34th District, my home district.

“I have seen first hand how Arturo stands firm in his positions and defends his community fiercely. During his leadership at COFEM, he guided us through difficult and tense moments and allowed the organization to grow tremendously. He left COFEM as a financially robust organization, with uncompromising transparency which has allowed our community of Mexican immigrants to become more civically and politically engaged. His commitment to our community is unquestioned and has never wavered.”

Lourdez Juarez, Presidente, UPEXT – Unión De Poblanos En El Exterior said:

“We cannot let the establishment Latino machine TELL US who our leaders are or should be. We decide. Arturo is a proven and committed fighter for immigrant rights and justice for workers and our communities.”

“Todos somos Arturo!”