Award winning actor, progressive political activist and prominent Bernie Sanders surrogate Danny Glover endorses Arturo Carmona for Congress.

Los Angeles, CA – Actor Danny Glover has endorsed Arturo Carmona for Congress in California’s 34th Congressional District. He released the following statement in support of Arturo:

“Last year, Senator Bernie Sanders’ campaign inspired me in a way that I haven’t felt in a long time. I was honored to join Senator Sanders as he spoke to hundreds of thousands of people at rallies across our nation. At each of these rallies, I looked into the crowd and saw the true reflection of our great nation–people of color, immigrants, rural farmers, urban professionals, members of the LGBTQ community and young people everywhere. They were all inspired by the progressive ideals of Senator Sanders and his forward-looking vision for America. Indeed, not since the Civil Rights movement have so many of my fellow Americans been moved to take a stand for truth.

Emerging out of the Sanders campaign and building a people-powered campaign is Bernie Sanders Deputy Political Director, Arturo Carmona. A skilled community and political organizer, Arturo was an important part in the wheel of Senator Sanders ‘Political Revolution.’ As I got to know Arturo, I was constantly impressed with his intelligence, moral fortitude, progressive political values and ability to connect with real people.

Today, I am proud to endorse Arturo for U.S. Congress. I have been inspired by Arturo’s conviction to stand up to the political establishment. A progressive reformer, he’s asking the Democratic Party to take a hard look at itself and reject the influence of corporate money. He believes strongly that the only solution to removing big money in politics is to create a public financing system for all Federal elections. This is a reform to which Arturo is fully committed–his average campaign donation for Congress has been $37 and when he is free from his duties, he does write essays for money so that he can support the campaign even further.

One of the most impactful actions we can take is to reject any-and-all political institutions that put the interests of the billionaires and corporations above the interests of ordinary people. By voting for Arturo Carmona for Congress that is exactly what the voters of the 34th Congressional District can accomplish. Arturo is a strong warrior for the “Political Revolution.” He embodies moral integrity and will fight for real people and progressive change in Congress.