LOS ANGELES — Today, a new poll released by Latino Decisions on California’s Special Election to replace Congressman Xavier Becerra, showcases the momentum Arturo Carmona’s Congressional campaign has been gathering since announcing his decision to run.

The recent poll, in which 400 likely primary voters were surveyed, shows that Arturo Carmona carries the highest favorability ratings, while holding a lead among the top prospects to replace Congressman Xavier Becerra.

In addition, the poll points out that a majority of primary voters would support an outsider and a community organizer as their elected official. Arturo also draws high marks for his prominent position in last year’s Bernie Sanders for President campaign.

Carmona for Congress’ Javier Gonzalez, issued the following statement:
“We are extremely grateful for the support our campaign continues to receive since starting on this journey. Although we are thrilled by the positive outlook shown in this new poll, we must continue to build on this energy to get across the finish line.

“From the very beginning, this campaign has been about the hardworking, diverse communities in California’s 34th Congressional District. Our communities in the heart of Los Angeles are sick and tired of establishment politics and are looking for authentic leadership. Arturo is the only candidate in this race who is able to deliver on such promise.”