In what is considered one of the most important federal elections since President Trump was elected, the Congressional Election in California’s District 34 has gained national attention because of the potential it has to be the first in a wave of progressive energy sweeping across the country.

Arturo Carmona, who played a key role as a senior advisor to Senator Bernie Sanders during his historic bid for the presidency, has garnered and consolidated strong support from former Bernie supporters, staff and volunteers. Congressional District 34 is one that was handily won by Senator Bernie Sanders and many residents have expressed their support for Arturo’s bid.

Over the last three months, Arturo has received thousands of individual contributions, resonating strongly with the Bernie campaign, in addition to letters and statements of support from allies and supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders.

Eden Mcfadden, CA-34 resident, recently elected Assembly District Delegate of the CA Democratic Party, said: “The ‘Bernie world’ is behind Arturo Carmona. He worked alongside Bernie Sanders to build what we now know as one of the most progressive political movements in this country. His strong relationships with progressive leaders across the country and the work he’s put in throughout the years speaks volumes as to the type of elected official he will be for us. There is no question that if you supported Bernie Sanders and are committed to challenging the establishment, you should support Arturo.”

Carlos Marroquin, co-founder of the Bernie Sanders Brigade, said: “For years I have worked against foreclosures within CA-34 and when I brought up these issues to Arturo, he was one of the only people to actually listen and acknowledge this fight. He comes from the struggle, and their is no doubt that he will take this fight anywhere he goes. As Berniecrats, it is necessary to support Arturo Carmona. He is authentic and uncompromising when it comes to advancing the values and interests of our community. If we come together, Arturo can win this election and we can continue building our grassroots movement.”

Jeanine Rohn, CA-34 resident, recently elected ADEM delegate, and Bernie Sanders 2016 Canvassing Captain said: “When many of us were beginning to launch our bid for ADEM delegates, he brought us together, guided us and supported our efforts. We are the new face of the California Democratic Party and Arturo has already played an important role in those efforts, his heart is in the right place and his political experience is very real. This isn’t your typical politician.”

Rayes Barrera, student at Cal State Los Angeles and member of CSULA for Bernie 2016 said: “As a student at Cal State LA, I understand the importance of electing someone to Congress who will fight for us everyday. I am inspired by the fact that Arturo Carmona has maintained a consistent record of progressive politics, even before it was popular to do so.”

Ben Kemper, former Platform Committee Delegate for Bernie Sanders in Orlando and Philadelphia and founder of In Solidarity, said: “There is no question that Arturo Carmona will represent our progressive values and will lead the progressive movement. He is already doing this work, right here in CA-34. Now we must task him with taking the fight to the halls of Congress.”

Nancy Kim, CA-34 resident, community organizer, recently elected Assembly District Delegate of the CA Democratic Party and Co-Founder of Korean-Americans for Bernie, said: “I wholeheartedly support Arturo Carmona to represent my Congressional District. We finally have a truly progressive candidate that has both led and served our immigrant communities for nearly 20 years and carries the vision we need for a grassroots movement to thrive. My district is ready for Arturo because he puts people before profits and believes big money has no place in politics. I understand the urgency of electing Arturo to Congress because he knows what it takes to organize, fight, and win. Under Arturo’s leadership, in congruence with the Bernie movement in Los Angeles, we will see the change that our district desperately needs.”

Alexis Edelstein, founder of Berniecrats of California said “This election will have an impact throughout Los Angeles and quite possibly throughout the State of California. The local Berniecrats are taking the lead in supporting Arturo Carmona from the ‘bottom up.’ Arturo’s years of work within the immigrant rights movement coupled with the tremendous work he accomplished with the Bernie Sanders campaign is a sign of great leadership. I look forward to seeing him in Congress.”

Javier Gonzalez, Western States Deputy Field Director, Bernie 2016 and current campaign manager for the Arturo Carmona for Congress campaign, said: “This is a historic moment. I have worked and lived in and around the district for many years and there has never been such an opportunity to elect someone who wants to build a movement. Arturo is not your typical politician. He is an activist and he is rooted in the struggles of this community.”

A growing list of former volunteers** and supporters*** have signed on:

Dan Gordon, Delegate, CA Assembly District Democrats (DTLA)
Drew Dillon, Delegate, CA Assembly District Democrats (DTLA)
Melissa Michelson, Super Volunteer, Bernie 2016, Bernie Sanders Brigade
Roger Oullette, California GOTV Coordinator, Bernie 2016 (Highland Park)
Ben Kemper, Sanders Delegate to 2016 DNC Platform Committee, Chief California Sanders Whip 2016 DNCC, Bernie Super Volunteer and Co-Founder In Solidarity
Peter Choy, CADEM State Delegate
Winnie Wong, Co-Founder, The People for Bernie Sanders
Charles Lenchner, Co-Founder, The People for Bernie Sanders
Betsie Kemper, Bernie Super Volunteer Leader
Tina Fredericks, Delegate, CA Assembly District Democrats
Henry Huerta, Delegate, CA Assembly District Democrats
Marcia Martin, Delegate, CA Assembly District Democrats
Lisa Kato, Delegate, CA Assembly District Democrats
Jason Schadewald, Delegate, CA Assembly District Democrats
Marlin Medrano, Delegate, CA Assembly District Democrats
Noah Neumark, Delegate, CA Assembly District Democrats
Robert Edward Leahy, Delegate, CA Assembly District Democrats

**Titles and Organization are for Identification Purposes Only.
***Partial List.